Dickens 2 Drinks Packages

The World Famous Dickens Inn

Dickens 2

White Package // £100

A classic package for a classic evening in the luxurious Dickens 2

2x Bottle of Lanson White Label with selected fruit

Bronze Package // £130

This popular package has everything you need for an amazing VIP celebration. Exclusive table service with Bottles of Lanson white and 1ltr Stoli Elit are perfect for those looking to add a touch of class to their night.

1x Bottles of 75cl Lanson White label
1X Bottle of Stolichnaya Vodka or Haymans Gin or Jim beam black

Silver Package // £300

If you’re looking to upgrade your night then there’s no better way than with our Silver package. Exclusive table service all night and bottles of Lanson White and massive 1.75ltr Stoli Elit chilled on ice will leave no one in any doubt that you’re a serious VIP.

1x 1.75ltr Bottle of Stoli Elit Vodka with Mixers
1x 75cl Lanson white label Champagne

Gold Package // £500

The most exclusive package we do, the Gold package offers only the best in premium brands with a giant 3ltr Stoli Elit and Lanson Champagne with mixers, all served straight to your table on ice and smoking for the ultimate celebratory experience.

1x 3ltr Bottle Of Stoli Elit Vodka With Mixers
Two 75cl Lanson white label Champagne.